Corporate Philosophy

HAMADA, advancing toward the future with environmental protection and administrative support.

HAMADA Co., Ltd. supports the environmental activities of corporations, while also aiming to solve social issues related to industrial waste. We value the troubles we have to face in satisfying our customers and reducing environmental burdens and work to turn these trials into something with value. Here, we will introduce our corporate policy and the business model we have termed "environmental solutions". We promote supporting the global environment and have made industrial waste treatment and zero-emission recycling the base of our business. This makes up our corporate policy.


"Only One Earth" In order to protect the environment,
we will continually think up new solutions.

With "Sincerity, Appreciation, and Inspiration" as our motto, we strive to be your first choice for the environment. Put another way, we aim to be Japan's most reliable corporate consultant on the environment. Since our founding in 1969, we have centered our business on recycling metals and, engaging our customers in discussion, have created products and services that help realize advanced resource recycling. Within this, we have placed special importance on making our customers feel they can reliably leave everything to us. Lacking any association with a specific type of business, the name "HAMADA" derives from our founding attitude of not limiting ourselves to the recycling of metals alone and our goal of making a brand out of the company itself. As your first choice for the environment, we hope to be the business that comes to mind when faced with environmental issues and will stand by our customers' sides as a corporate consultant on the environment.

An Eco-Business Born from Waste Treatment
HAMADA Co., Ltd. was founded in 1969 as a company for appropriately disposing metals. Since then, we have worked to help create a recycling-oriented society that effectively uses the world's limited resources and have moved from our metal treatment business into the business of reducing, reusing, and recycling industrial waste. From here, we have further expanded into other energy-related fields such as solar power generation and battery regeneration.

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