HAMADA's Integrated System


HAMADA is a company widely involved in improving the global environment.

As environmental problems become increasingly severe, HAMADA will prove to be an indispensable corporation in the future world.
"Your first choice for the environment". This means we aim to be the company you consult with first when coping with the environmental problems all companies must face head-on. For this purpose, we make sure to grow day-by-day and continually acquire new knowledge and skills. As improving the environment is a field that often remains hidden from view, we work specifically at producing results that will inspire others. In order to do this, it is essential that we constantly expand our operations. To make it possible for us to improve the global environment ourselves, we devotedly contribute to society by actively developing the necessary business operations. In 30 years, we will establish 10 fields of operation to connect with the lifestyles and happiness of all people. This is the future we are imagining.

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