Crusher for Fluorescent Light Recycling

An original product for securely and safely crushing fluorescent lights

Hazardous mercury is safely collected from the fluorescent lights during crushing. By using a rough crushing method, glass can be easily recycled into quality cullet.

Treatment of Fluorescent Lights
HAMADA's fluorescent light crusher uses a rough crushing method to remove effortlessly the lead-containing glass, metals, and other impurities which impede glass recycling. Mercury vapor is also removed so that the air emitted is clean and causes no environmental damage. The crushed bulb pieces, mercury vapor, and dust collected are treated and recycled by the only mercury recycling company in Japan, Nomura Kosan Co. Ltd. We promote the regeneration of waste by recycling fluorescent lights as raw materials for glass, cullet, and glass wool. The fluorescent light crusher comes with a dust collector for gathering the powder and fine particles from the fluorescent lights.
  • Features of the Fluorescent Light Recycling Crusher

    ◆Mercury absorption to realize a safe working environment
    ◆Contributes to the recycling of mercury
    ◆Possible to create impurity-free, quality cullet
    ◆Compact size for convenient installation
    ◆Allows for uninterrupted insertion of fluorescent lights

  • Safe Design

    Mercury vapor emitted during the crushing of fluorescent lights is absorbed by absorbents inside the dust collector and removed. This process achieves a worksite mercury vapor concentration lower than 0.0025mg/m3 (according to the Industrial Safety and Health Act). The crushed lights are then stored in drums until these become full, at which point they can be exchanged and operations continued.

  • Recycling

    If fluorescent lights are crushed into fine pieces and their metal caps destroyed, lead-containing glass and metal from the caps become mixed in with the cullet. Glass that contains contaminants is poor in quality and can only be recycled as a material for cement. However, the rough crushing method employed by our fluorescent light crusher allows for crushing without destroying the metal caps. By keeping the caps intact for easy separation, the quality of the cullet is improved and the glass can be recycled as glass wool. For those who want to learn more, please check out our fluorescent light and dry cell battery recycling page.

Fluorescent Light Crusher Specifications
Type NHT-100
Objects processed Fluorescent lights (straight and circular tube types)
Processing ability Max of 2,100 40W (1,200mm) lights/h for straight tube types
Container JIS Z1600 class 1 (200L open drum)
Container capacity Approx. 400 to 500 lights/drum (40W straight tube type)
Electric power AC100V  50/60Hz
Electric Motor Crusher: 0.4kw
Dust Collector: 0.4kw
Control panel Crusher: power button and hour meter
Dust collector: power button
Dust and mercury treatment Uses a filter and special absorbents to collect dust and mercury vapor.
(Replace a filter once a year and absorbents half a year)
※Replacement frequency depends on the amount of treatment.
Exterior dimensions Crusher: approx. W600xL985xH1600 (including drum)
Dust collector: approx. W410xL500xH623
Weight Crusher: approx. 80kg
Dust collector: approx. 47kg

*When exchanging drums, make sure to wear a mask that will protect you from mercury vapor.
*Upon product improvement, specifications may be altered without prior notification.

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