UAO Operations

Do you have any disused equipment you are planning to discard? If so, please sell these items to us.

UAO (Used Asset Optimization) is a word created by our company referring to the disposal of disused assets in the best possible manner. By selling disused equipment as a second-hand product to other companies that need it, it is possible not only to use the world's limited resources more effectively but also to increase cost performance with selling prices that are higher than those paid for metal scrap. By introducing this new UAO venture, we can now provide more options for clients troubled with disused equipment. No matter how big or small your problem, we provide total support for the assets you are looking to dispose of.

Moving from Recycling to Reuse, Environmental Consideration One Step Ahead of the Rest!!

As we are all aware, today, there are various environmental problems occurring throughout the world. In recent years, this has caused people to change how they think about energy use. Even at the individual level, people are becoming more conscious about reducing their environmental burden, and many companies are actively working at recycling their waste. At this juncture, HAMADA Co., Ltd. has moved one step ahead and is working to promote products' reuse rather than simply recycling them as second-generation materials.

The Conventional Way

The HAMADA way!

List of Products
  • ・ Compressors
  • ・ Generators
  • ・ Forklifts
  • ・ Hydraulic Jacks and Other Heavy Equipment
  • ・ Steel Plates (Checker Plates, etc.)
  • ・ Industrial Motors
  • ・ Automotive Engines
  • ・ Industrial Machines (NC Lathes, Boring Machines)
  • ・ Manufacturing Lines and Factory Facilities
  • ・ Office Furniture (Sofas, Office Desks, Lockers, etc.)
  • In addition to the above, we buy a great variety of other disused assets.
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