Separation and disposal of industrial waste
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Industrial Waste Treatment

Through the total management of our industrial waste treatment operations, we are able to provide our customers with reductions to waste costs, decreases to operator work load, and better observance of corporate compliance policies.

1Investigation and Analysis of the Management Conditions for Waste

Using HAMADA's original "waste diagnosis sheet", we review management conditions for company waste.

2Support in Creating Consignment Contracts and Manifests

We not only assist with electronic contracts and manifests but also help with creating actual paper consignment contracts and manifests.

3Appropriate Treatment

We carry out intermediate treatment for scrap metal and fluorescent lights at our company factories. For other waste, we work with the appropriate treatment contractors to undertake safe transfer and storage, etc.

4Support with Employee Training

We hold regular seminars on waste related topics. HAMADA also offers original dispatch seminars that cater specifically to your company's needs.