Total Support for Industrial Waste

Support for improving the costs associated with waste and the observance of corporate compliance policies.

The time has ended when it was sufficient to simply consign a contractor to handle your waste. In working towards a properly operating corporation, from here on, it will be essential that companies address waste issues as a whole after gaining a solid understanding of current corporate conditions. That being said, it is common for companies to be too busy to deal with or not have enough time to study about industrial waste-related matters. For those plagued by issues like these, HAMADA Co., Ltd. offers support with analytical methods for and guidance on industrial waste. We will assist you in improving your work efficiency.

Nationwide Coverage for Waste Treatment
  • Reductions to Cost and Labor through Nationwide Management

    From the need for appropriately treating waste created from nationwide construction operations, we offer a point of contact to connect treatment centers with waste-discharging businesses.

    ◆Rationalized pricing
    ◆Reduced labor thanks to a streamlined dispatch counter
    ◆Reduced labor with HAMADA as your agent for paperwork processing
  • Partnership System

    By linking up with Eco Staff Japan, a partner certified under the assessment system for excellence as a nationwide processor of industrial waste, we offer industrial waste treatment for every region of Japan.

  • Achievements

    LED light installation for 2000 nationwide supermarkets and convenience stores. Shop closure construction for 1000 restaurants and convenient stores

Industrial Waste Diagnostics
Analytical support made possible by a rich project record in various industries such as manufacturing, sales, and construction
Results from Data Analysis of Evaluations on Management Conditions
Service Details
  • 1. Clarification of the current state of waste management
  • 2. Ascertainment of operations with a heavy workload and fields with a high risk of legal transgression
  • 3. HAMADA offers support with measures for achieving a properly operating corporation.
Maximum score Score achieved Converted score Score rate
1. Condition of industrial waste storage 15 17 11 74
2. Items, etc. that should be included in your consignment contract 10 16 8 80
3. Manifests 15 3 5 30
4. Workplaces with industrial waste treatment facilities requiring licenses 15 2 6 40
5. Workplaces with specialized management of industrial waste emisions 15 6 6 40
6. Workplaces qualifying as high volume emission businesses 15 1 5 33
7. PCB waste storage operations 15 10 13 87
Total 100 55 53.6

Training Support
Customized waste seminars for learning about waste according to one's duties and level
    Seminar content up until now
  • The basics of industrial waste
  • ◆ Don't escape! -contracts and manifests-
  • ◆ Easy nationwide management of waste!
  • ◆ What? Industrial waste can be converted
    to materials with value
  • ◆ Mercury, Freon, and PCB -Get an
    understanding of environmental laws and ordinances
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