The deadline for treating polychlorinated biphenyls is approaching. The majority of electrical equipment produced from 1954 to 1972 contains PCB in their insulators and heat medium materials, etc. These, however, have been prohibited as a result of the adverse effect they have on the human body. PCB-containing materials must be disposed of by March 31, 2027.
*Article 10, Regulation 8 of the Act on Special Measures Concerning PCB

Low Concentration PCB

Diverse services
◆Support including analytical surveys - administrative reports - collection and transport - waste treatment
◆Dismantling/PCB storage container rentals and manufacturing

High Concentration PCB
◆Overall support including administrative reports - JESCO registration - arrangement of collection and transport services
◆Documentation for packaging registration related to high concentration stabilizers
Representative PCB-Polluting Equipment
  • Transformers

  • Condensers

  • Circuit Breakers

Delaying disposal could lead to
・Pollution from PCB leakage
・Increased pollutants and costs
・Disposal centers flooded with treatment requests unable to process your waste quickly
・Troublesome annual administrative tasks
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