At HAMADA, we dismantle scrap computers by hand and recycle each material. In addition, we use a special magnetic machine to delete data completely and make sure that none of our clients' information is leaked. We also issue certificates of the data's destruction following the collection and handling of the computer, so you can rest at ease.

Traceability During Transport

Many clients are worried about removing computers filled with confidential information from their company without first erasing the data. To address these clients' needs, we use security locks during transport and, carrying the computers in exclusive locked trucks, monitor their routes using GPS tracking. It is also possible to monitor the disposal of each individual computer until recycling is completed.

Security Room

All scrap computers brought to us are dismantled, completely cleared of data, and destroyed in our company's security room. After separation and disposal, they are finally recycled. The room is monitored by 24-hour surveillance cameras, and access is controlled through a fingerprint recognition system.

Data Erasure Service
In order to prevent information leakage from scrap computers, we have introduced a magnetic data erasure device (made by Orient Computer Co., Ltd.) that conforms to disposal standards set by the United States Department of Defense. This machine can handle permanent data deletion for a wide array of products such as hard disks and magnetic media. With traditional devices, data stored in hard discs (HDD) can still be recovered after file deletion. As a result, we recommend thorough data erasure by complete data destruction. We propose JEITA (Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association) for accomplishing this. In contrast to standard data erasure software, the data will be permanently erased, regardless of volume. We also provide data-erasure services at our clients' offices for those who wish to see data deleted in person.

Process of Scrap Computer Disposal

The scrap computers we receive form various corporations are handled and recycled according to the process below.

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