Collection and Transport of Industrial Waste

The latest technology for increased reliability. HAMADA offers complete collection and transport services.

HAMADA has licenses for collection and transport operations throughout the Kinki and Kanto regions and also holds a permit for transporting general cargo in Osaka. We carry a rich lineup of vehicles from lightweight vans to Unic, large-size trucks, in order to collect and transport a wide array of industrial waste. What is more, by carrying out a complete and comprehensive circuit of logistic services, we are able to contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

As part of our information management, we also employ GPS vehicle tracking and electronic contracts and manifests. We work to meet our customers' needs as quickly as possible. In relation to our collection and transport operations in the Kinki region, we are certified as an excellent enterprise for industrial waste treatment and have established a stable system that you can trust.

Vehicles for Industrial Waste Collection (and Transport)

Here are the vehicles HAMADA uses for its waste collection. We carry a variety of vehicles from lightweight vans for hauling small waste to Unic trucks capable of holding 10t of materials.
List of Collection and Transport Vehicles
Employing a Vehicle Tracking System for Collection and Transport

At HAMADA, we employ a system that allows for automated GPS tracking and automatic creation of vehicle route maps. We also support a system that provides for automatically creating project completion reports using photos from cellphones. According to our customers' requests, this system can be used to trace vehicle routes and report clearly in real time when any abnormalities occur.

Electronic Contract and Manifest System

Our electronic manifest system is used to manage customer manifest data (industrial waste management documents) electronically. Through our information processing center, this setup allows waste-discharging businesses, collection and transportation companies, and treatment companies to manage and check manifest data together. In April, 2005, electronic contract systems were approved by the Ministry of the Environment. Thanks to the digitalization of industrial waste treatment commission contracts, it is no longer necessary for emission-discharging companies to carry out bookbinding or purchase revenue stamps. Furthermore, by employing IT's capacity for "sharing information" and "communicating information efficiently", HAMADA promotes rationalized information management for emissions operators and treatment companies.

For more details, please check the Japan Industrial Waste Information Center's website

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