Record of Clean Activities

We often hear people say "you can't predict the future". We, however, do not believe this to be true.

The future will not be made by someone but by each of us.
We believe that environmental solutions are what is needed now for the future children who will inhabit this planet.

HAMADA Rice Project

The HAMADA Rice Project has begun!(2014.5~)
~Fun, delicious, and contributing to the community~
We have taken our first step in reducing the amount of abandoned agricultural land in Takatsuki City, Osaka-the place we call home-by renting out rice fields so our employees can freely cultivate rice. By using manual labor and relying as little as possible on agricultural chemicals and machinery, we also help reduce the burden placed on the environment and contribute to the dietary education of our employees and their families.

Reconstruction support for Thai flooding

1st Econnect collaboration(2011.10)
~Collecting unused cell phones to help support disaster areas!~
We take the proceeds gained from collecting and recycling unused cell phones (phones no longer used that have been tucked away in drawers, etc.) and donate these to disaster areas for support with recovery.


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