Environmental Policies

HAMADA's philosophy on and specific approach to the environment

Basic philosophy

HAMADA Co., Ltd. recognizes that an important issue for its business is how much its operations will contribute to conserving the environment. Aiming for a balance between its corporate activities and the global environment, HAMADA's employees work at considering influence on the environment under the motto of "sincerity, appreciation, and inspiration". While aiming to the targets "Low-carbon Society", "Recycling-based Society", "The realization of a society in harmony with nature", we actively address environmental problems and help contribute to the creation and protection of a comfortable global environment.

Environmental policies

Through HAMADA's business activities, which center on metal scrap recycling, general cargo transport, the collection, transportation, and disposal of industrial waste, Freon recovery, battery reuse, and storage-battery-system development, structures dismantling, equipment removal, HAMADA aims to balance its business operations with its environmental management activities and the prevention of environmental pollution and, based on the following policies, will continue to work to improve this balance.

In carrying out its business activities, HAMADA complies with legislation and regulations concerning the environment as well as other requirements it has agreed to and, ever-aware of the influence it has on environmental problems, works to reduce environmental burdens and prevent pollution.
Based on these environmental principles, HAMADA has set up environmental goals and targets to the extent technically and economically possible and, promoting the continual improvement of environmental management systems and environmental activities, has put in place a framework for review as required.
HAMADA addresses the following as important themes in carrying out business activities that influence the environment.
In order to improve environmental performance, we will continuously improve environmental activities by conducting audits and reviewing activities.
We reduce the environmental impact of our business activities by providing environmentally conscious products and services
Recognizing the finite nature of earth's resources, we work to reduce environmental impact in all business processes such as prevention of global warming, effective use of resources, management of chemical substances.
We raise the environmental awareness of all employees and work on it all.
We contribute to the society by providing environmentally friendly products and services, and cooperative solidarity with local communities and society.
In order to promote mutual understanding, we disclose environmental information and actively communicate.

January 10, 2006
(Revision 5) August    1, 2018

※The environmental policies are open to all the employees including the affiliated company, and to the public.


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