HAMADA's Concrete Approach

Examples of specific initiatives regarding the environmental laws surrounding HAMADA

Preventative measures against noise pollution and vibrations

The main source of the noise pollution and vibrations we produce is believed to originate from the operations accompanying our treatment of metal scrap. In order to determine which operations cause these, the staff at our Osaka Recycle Center take monthly measurements of noise pollution from the perimeter of our facility and work to identify the source of the noise. In April of 2014, we also installed measurement instrumentation within the center grounds to take regular readings of vibrations. If a large vibration occurs, we have set up a warning light to notify our operators to stop their work, identify the operation causing the vibration, and carry out an investigation of possible countermeasures.

Preventative measures against water pollution

In carrying out the recycling of metal scrap, we encounter various forms of metallic waste. The character of these is becoming more complicated year by year. During treatment, there is a possibility that metals may be mixed in among metal scrap, which contain hazardous substances as determined by the Water Pollution Prevention Act. For these types of metal scrap, we have set up measures to keep them stored indoors so as not to be exposed to rain.
In addition to this, we installed waste water treatment equipment this year at our Osaka Recycle Center. Using this equipment, we are ready to respond even in the event that metal scrap is exposed to rain within our facilities. As a result, the waste water emitted from the Osaka Recycle Center passes all of the standards set for hazardous materials by the Ministry of the Environment. As for the Tokyo Recycling Center's waste water, we have contracted an outside treatment company to ensure there is no external discharge.

Preventative measures against air pollution

Fine particles may be released at our metallic scrap yard, depending on the type of metal being treated. We have set up measures to address this such as spraying water to keep the particles down and employ outside specialists to measure the concentration of air pollution in order to maintain results that are of the same concentration as at our office.


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