Mighty・Bio-S (Bioengineered Formulation for Waste Water)

HAMADA's Mighty・Bio-S will solve all your grease trap-related problems

Mighty・Bio-S (Bioengineered Formulation for Waste Water)

The sewage emitted from food-processing plants and industrial kitchens contains oil waste, fats and other materials difficult to separate with grease traps. If ignored, this can lead to foul smells and clogged pipes, etc. By using the environmentally-friendly biotechnology found in HAMADA's Mighty・Bio-S (bioengineered formulation for waste water), sewage is separated and disposed using microbes to solve various grease trap issues.

*A grease trap is a device that temporarily collects (traps) sewage containing fatty oils (grease). Installation of this trap is required by the Water Pollution Prevention Act and Sewage Law in order to intercept and separate oil from water.

You can expect to see results immediately after introducing Mighty・Bio-S (bioengineered formulation for waste water) into your facility.
Example 1/Industrial Wastewater Treatment Facility

By using Mighty・Bio-S (bioengineered formulation for waste water), bulking in aeration tanks is inhibited and months after introduction sediment tank transparency improves, offering for easy operation and management. In addition, you can expect the breakdown of inactive bacteria to improve and, by adjusting the volume of return sludge, dewatered sludge to decline contributing to lower costs for the treatment of industrial waste.

Example 2/Industrial Kitchen

Use of Mighty・Bio-S (bioengineered formulation for waste water) provides results as shown in the picture on the right. Oxygen is introduced to expedite this process. It is recommended to continue adding oxygen on a daily basis in order to see results immediately.

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