Industry, Academia, and Government-led Initiatives

Initiatives related to our collaboration with universities and government agencies

Industry, academia, and government collaboration in developing human resources

Linking up with universities in the Kansai region, we are undertaking an initiative directed at university students to teach them basic skills for becoming a member of society. In recent years, society has been rapidly changing, with globalization, changes to the structure of industry and employment, and the diversification of world views all taking place at once. Against this backdrop, there is often a mismatch between the types of people sought after in industries and those being produced by universities. Education of personnel that will be active within society is now required. However, universities alone cannot accomplish this. Consequently, they have teamed up with industry to figure out a way to educate the human talent demanded by society. Focusing on the concept put forward by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry of acquiring basic skills as a member of society, we are now holding active learning-style seminars. We have also tied up with the Organization for Academic-Industrial Collaboration in Education to carry out human resource development.

Organization for Academic-Industrial Collaboration in Education (AICE)


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