Constitution for Corporate Activities

With "Sincerity, Appreciation, and Inspiration" as the management principles behind our basic thinking, we aim to fulfill our social responsibilities with high ethical values based on the following principles.

  • 1. Compliance

    Placing strict observance of the law at the center of our corporate activities, we closely adhere to compliance policies such as respecting social standards and actively carry out CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) activities, while always sincerely following the demands of society.

  • 2. Governance

    In order to carry out our CSR activities and sincerely address our corporate compliance policies, we construct and enforce governance regulations along with a system to support these. As a result, we are able to execute efficient and disciplined operations in accordance with the provisions derived from our clear internal rules, responsibilities, and authority.

  • 3. Disclosure and Management of Information

    Broadly interacting with society, we actively and sincerely work to make our corporate information public. In addition, based on our basic principles for information management, we make sure that all information is appropriately handled and protected, including personal and client information.

  • 4. Fairness

    We always make sincerity our aim and carry out fair, transparent, and free competition as well as appropriate business transactions. Further, we keep healthy and normal relations with politics and government and have no affiliation with any anti-social behavior or organizations which threaten the peace and security of civil society.

  • 5. A Safe and Worker-Friendly Environment

    We faithfully comply with the basic principles for safety and health and ensure a safe working environment for all our employees, while also striving to further improve their working conditions. In addition, we respect the diversity, character, and individuality of each employee and work to create a workplace that allows them to exercise their abilities fully. Always investing in education, we are helping to raise personnel who will support coming generations.

  • 6. Harmony with Society and Our Stakeholders

    We will always be grateful and will continue to serve as a company of good faith for our customers, suppliers, local residents, employees and all other stakeholders. As an environmental solutions corporation, we actively make sure we contribute to society in the fields of environmental technology, education, etc.

  • 7. Conservation of Resources and the Environment

    Based on our environmental principles, we carry out business activities for preserving the global environment. Recognizing that our work serves to support the reuse of the world's limited resources, we undertake our duties while being grateful for the resources that form the basis of our modern lives.

  • 8. Creating Value for Our Customers

    We develop and provide products and services that are both safe and socially useful and aim to secure our customers' satisfaction and trust. We hope to be a company that can share in the happiness and inspiration of its customers, by delivering value beyond that expected.


For inquiries concerning Hamada CSR reports

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