A Message from the President

Striving to be the No. 1 environmental solutions corporation in Japan

HAMADA Co., Ltd.'s mission is to become "the No. 1 environmental solutions corporation in Japan"

In an age where attention is being called to the severity of environmental problems, the world demands environmental solutions that work.

At HAMADA, we are striving to be Japan's leading company in the market of environmental solutions.

In order to be No. 1 in Japan, we cannot sit clinging to our current products. Instead, it is essential that we rapidly develop new businesses and cultivate the managerial talent that we can entrust these ventures to.

For this purpose, we have formulated "HAMADA's 30 year vision" and are planning on launching 10 new business ventures over the next 20 years and cultivating 10 new managing directors.

I hope that all of you who enter our company henceforth will strive to be one of our managing directors.

In order to become the No. 1 environmental solutions corporation in Japan, we need your help.

Let's aim for No. 1 and build new businesses together.

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