Name: Yoshimura
Position: Agribusiness Team

Job Overview
I am in charge of our new agri-business venture. Combining greenhouse cultivation and its potential for year-round harvesting with natural energy, we aim to establish the next generation of farms where cultivation is possible even in regions without electricity.

Your approach to work
Labor and energy make up the overwhelming majority of costs connected to agriculture. That being said, one of the biggest problems for farmers is taking time off. In order to solve these issues, we are working to eliminate electricity expenses by using natural energy, achieve remote system-based management that can be operated from afar, and increase the number of domestic agricultural workers so that we can make life a little easier for the farmers struggling today.

The value this job delivers to the society
We have started cultivating cherry tomatoes. By producing tomatoes high in sugar content, we first hope to offer cheap, safe, and delicious tomatoes to the people in our hometown of Takatsuki. I, myself, don't particularly like tomatoes but was able to enjoy these. We will also be able to help out mothers struggling with children who hate tomatoes, haha. By increasing the number of agricultural workers, we can expect the number of residents in the countryside to increase, communities to be brought back to life, and abandoned farmland to come back into use.

Future strategies
Working as one with local authorities, we hope to undertake initiatives that will reinvigorate communities through agriculture. When finished, we hope to open our own restaurant that uses the fruits and vegetables cultivated by us.
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