Name: Maruono
Position: Overseas Business Team

Job Overview
[What I'm trying to do now]
Linking up for a joint venture with a local partner in Bangladesh, we are working on a project for recycling mixed metals. The metallic scrap trade is expanding in Bangladesh as a result of the lack of ferrous/non-ferrous substances caused by economic growth. However, as represented by the city of Chittagong's ship-breaking operations, the recycling market also brings with it environmental strain and a large number of industrial accidents. What is more, due to the low technical skill for separating and sorting metallic scrap, there is the added problem of only being able to provide low-purity steelmaking material. By transferring our knowledge and experience on environmentally-minded separating and sorting, we are aiming to reduce the burden placed on the environment and produce steelmaking materials with a high level of purity. One more goal is to export a portion of this steelmaking material to Japan in order to play a part in global resource recycling.

Your approach to work

[What kinds of things do you place importance on in carrying out your work?]
Not giving up. While not giving up may seem simple, I've experienced firsthand just how hard it actually is. Sales offers a firm foundation and clear goals, and with the busyness and sense of satisfaction that accompany this, overseas business often gets pushed aside. Getting swept away is simple. Fighting against the current is hard. However, when I ask myself why I joined this company and what I want to accomplish, I am able to pick myself up. To be honest, this project has been held up three times already, but by continually asking ourselves what the problem is and how can we fix it, we are able to find new approaches and continue. I believe that not giving up on ourselves and what we want to accomplish will lead to the success of this project.

[What you are aiming to accomplish through these operations]
First off, I want to lay the foundation for our overseas business ventures. While a solid foundation and sales are a must, we also need an internal system of operations. With Bangladesh as a stopping point, I believe we can expand our business to Africa, which is my ultimate goal. In order to get closer to going to Africa, I want to make sure our Bangladesh project is on solid ground.

The value this job delivers to the society

The value I can offer to the company consists of the following 2 points

[Sales strategies through CSV]
Now, the necessity of observing compliance policies, which include the appropriate treatment of industrial waste, is self-evident. Not stopping there, awareness is steadily increasing of the need to comply with policies for trading in metallic scrap. For example, corporations that are afraid of scrap they have sold entering China and causing environmental burdens and health hazards often propose conditions to keep their products on domestic routes. Nevertheless, without the cheap labor of China, the recycling of metallic scrap, particularly mixed metals, is exceptionally difficult today. Picking up on both these needs, we are utilizing Bangladesh's cheap and abundant human resources to carry out safe and reliable separating/sorting at our directly managed factory. Turning the value we share with these companies who care about the effects of their discarded goods into added value, we can present a strategy for buying metallic scraps at a cheap price. Even for companies we do not currently do business with, if we begin working together at our local Bangladesh plant, we can use this opportunity to set up business relations with them in Japan as well.

Of course, in addition to the kind of value-added sales mentioned above, I also plan on making 250 million yen in annual sales, by preliminary calculation.

Future strategies

As might be expected of a new business venture, a large amount of initial investment is required. In order to increase the feasibility of this undertaking, however, it is important to curb initial investment costs. We are currently applying for funds from ODA (Official Development Assistance) for small and medium-sized enterprise development. If selected for this, we will receive 30 to 50 million yen in funds. While this is a highly competitive process, we have linked up with our local partner and will make sure to craft a high-quality proposal.

[Your next challenge]
My ultimate target is sub-Saharan Africa. In order to utilize Bangladesh as stopping point on my way there, I want to draw up a plan for something other than our existing mixed metal business. In addition to used machinery and automobiles, I would like to try importing African products such as vanilla extract as well as enter into the business of internet marketing in Africa. This is still a fantasy, though. haha

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