Name: Nishioka
Position: Recycle Center

Job Overview

We process unwanted items, so they can be reborn as new products. We also work to prevent scarce resources from being further exhausted.

After safely transporting articles brought by our customers and acquired by our sales department, we carefully and securely handle them, while paying due consideration to environmental burden. In order to secure more effective utilization, we then sort and process the items to deliver easy-to-recycle products.

[Your approach to work]
I believe in our corporate philosophy and always carry out my work with it in mind. Among its concepts, sincerity comes first. Next, I make sure to stay humble, keep a positive mindset, and work hard. Preparation is 80% of the process. More than the targeted task (shipping machinery, etc.), I use my head and focus on preparing the tools necessary for my operations as well as complying with our rules, etc. Through this, we are able to compete with a total reduction to cost. Overly relying on strength is the height of folly.

The value this job delivers to the society
As we are the department that deals directly with customers, we take pride in being the face of our corporation. We take 2 and devise ways to turn them into 3 or 4. Through this, productivity is increased, and the profit created can be reapplied to equipment and safety measures. This lets us continue with a more solid operational setup and contributes to the long-term continuity of our company. I believe that our continued existence is directly connected to the value we provide society.

What you want to tackle next
1. I hope to master the 5S's and create a team that can carry on implementing these.
2. I am aiming to eliminate accidents completely by creating a climate that focuses on learning from history (past cases) rather than experience.
3. By learning from past incidents rather than covering them up and immediately applying these lessons to raise our level of alertness and operational standards, I am working to create a worry-free environment in which everyone can work.
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