Name: Murakoshi
Position: Industrial Waste Treatment Team

Job Overview
Focusing on major dosmetic corporations, our team serves as a contact for nationwide proposals on appropriate treatment methods for waste emitted from manufacturing plants and infrastructure projects, such as railroads and electrical work. We are, so to speak, a coordinator for the proper treatment of industrial waste.

Your approach to work
Our goal is for HAMADA to take charge of the "consolidated management of all of Japan's waste". While we have recycle plants located in Osaka and Tokyo, this is not enough to meet the needs of customers who have expanded throughout Japan. It would have been easy to say we can't do it. Instead, we took the approach of "let's build a network of like-minded recycling companies and expand it nationwide" and proceeded to do so.

The value this job delivers to the society
Approximately 10 million tons of garbage thrown out daily ends up in landfills. In Japan, we have just under 15 years of landfill space remaining. As a result, the 3R's have been gaining added attention recently, and we make sure to keep these concepts in mind when providing our customers with proposals. Of course, our work takes a little more time and labor than landfill disposal, but thinking of good disposal methods with our customers and working toward zero emissions is in the end worthwhile. New products manufactured will one day end up as waste. We stay a step ahead and find ways to process items such as LED lights and solar panels that will one day be discarded.

Future strategies
Industrial waste is regulated by an incredibly complex set of laws, and there are many cases where penalties cannot be avoided simply by saying you weren't aware a law existed. This is especially true for waste-emitting companies who face fines of up to 300 million yen for not understanding the law. As a result, in order to raise our customers' level of knowledge about waste-related laws, we offer consulting-styled seminars. On occasion, we also hold seminars as part of our customers' employee education and work to build operations that will grow together with our customers' business. From the first year with our company, we put employees on the frontline and get them to make proposals and hold seminars for our customers. This team gets to experience the greatest level of growth in our company.
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