Name: Takeuchi
Position: HR & Recruit

Job Overview
New graduate recruitment and employee education are the main jobs I am in charge of. It is difficult for us to recruit more new graduate students. Although our company is accredited excellent enterprise for industrial waste treatment, new graduate seldom knows our company because we are well known as a B to B company. Another reason of recruitment difficulty is low recognition of this industrial trade.
In order to improve the present situation, we focus on making more people understand our corporate identity, which is the social value we contribute as a 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) corporate.
Besides, “How to educate new employee” is also one of my duties. Now the project of training employees from human resources to become “human capital” I am engaged in is in progress.

Your approach to work
Our company has been working on improvement of personnel system and enhancement of education system in order to support employee development. At the same time, we aim for making the same support system for students’ growth as a part of recruitment activities.
We not only tell students the contents of our business, but also let them think about “What is the purpose of doing job hunting?”, “What is the proper way to think about on business? “. Therefore, students can realize the purpose and essence of matters, and become more interested in many questions in progress.
The above is what we are going to working on more as HAMADA original way of recruitment in the future.

The value this job delivers to the society
“Acquisition of human resources” and “Training employees from human resources to become human capital” is necessary for HAMADA 30-year vision, which is to set up 10 new businesses and to cultivate 10 enterprise managers.
The people cultivated by our company can contribute to construction of 3R society, and create new green businesses which can impress people. This is the best value our company can provide to the society by recruitment and employee education.

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