Name: Tanaka
Position: General Affairs Department

Job Overview
I mainly handle personnel management. Along with carrying out all types of insurance applications and dealing with work related to salaries, I use the knowledge I acquire to offer a way of working that gives employees a sense of purpose. In addition to personnel management, I also oversee an initiative known as "Idea Pump". This initiative provides an outlet (pump) for employees to express the thoughts (ideas) they have on a regular basis but are unable to realize. Even newly-graduated first year employees are able to send out ideas and link up with members of other departments in order to work towards achieving these. Employees who do not normally have a leadership role may be selected to lead through this initiative, which makes it a place where people can grow while working to improve their operations.

Your approach to work
Labor management is a job that involves handling a lot of personal information and employee salaries and, therefore, requires concentration. However, the more you learn, the more you realize how deep this field is and how much you still do not know. Because it is not simple work, there is always something more for you to increase your knowledge. I think this job requires a lot of expertise and hope to continue studying everyday in order to carry out my tasks with understanding and confidence. We feel a sense of attachment to the initiatives that come out of the Idea Pump as if they were our own children. In addition to those who worked with us on improving certain themes and the members operating and managing the Idea Pump, we are also extremely grateful for the cooperation of numerous employees who helped administer this initiative. There are times when things do not go well and we get disheartened, but we are already in our 5th term now with new members joining our administrative team. I hope to keep this feeling of appreciation in mind and do our best from this point forward.

The value this job delivers to HAMADA
1. In relation to labor, by carrying out appropriate and correct management, we are able to increase the level of confidence our employees have in the company. Also, by making labor-related information public (as far as possible), we are able to create a more open environment of mutual understanding and agreement.
2. With the Idea Pump, we are able to clear away the atmosphere making it difficult for employees to express constructive ideas and achieve a workplace of open communication. By getting departments and branches to interact, we are able to improve our system of cooperation.

What you want to tackle next
As stated above, for labor management, I want to make information as well as the management structure open to all. For example, I would like to create opportunities for employees to learn about themes such as how to capitalize on social insurance or the actual state of the tax system. For the Idea Pump, I want to pump out company problems, create a team to solve these, and carry out various initiatives both large and small. For example, I would like to conduct surveys in order to increase the customers' level of satisfaction and work to strengthen our labor management system.
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